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Your Hosts

Brett and the Villa Team look forward to hosting Villa guests at the highest possible standard and hope to see you soon.

Brett has been managing holiday rentals homes in Marion Bay for the last three year and recently included the Marion Bay Holiday Villas

We are dedicated team and will endeavour to make your stay with enjoyable and relaxing



Stenhouse Bay

Stenhouse Bay – historic walks, fishing and more

Stenhouse Bay is located about 300 kilometres from Adelaide, at the foot of Yorke Peninsula and inside Innes National Park, next to Marion Bay.

Marion Bay Holiday Villas is the ideal accommodation spot to take in and enjoy all that Stenhouse Bay offers. You can spend the whole day there, but if you wish to see it all and go on some of the walking trails, plus enjoy fishing from the jetty; we suggest you allow at least 2 days.

Stenhouse Bay

Just as you enter Innes National Park, follow the signs to the Stenhouse Bay. It’s only a short walk from the general store and tavern, and for families its good to know there is a toilet there. If the day is a little windy, you will appreciate Stenhouse Bay provides some protection from the wind.

Stenhouse Bay jetty is within walking distance, although if you are carrying fishing gear it would be easier to drive to the car park at the top of the hill and walk down to the jetty.

The jetty fishes well for tommies and garfish, with some of the biggest squid you will catch. Marion Bay Holiday Villas has a fishing guide for all interested guests.

For those more into nature walks, the locals; Kangaroos and emus visit Stenhouse Bay itself as well as throughout the park.

During the winter months Stenhouse Bay is where you can whale watch from the cliff tops, and one of the best locations to see the great ‘Southern Right Wales’.
Walk along the many inland or coastal trails, including the Thomson/Pfitzner Plaster Trail from Stenhouse Bay to historic Inneston village and the old woodcutters trails, or investigate the Royston Head coastal trail.

Stenhouse Bay is just one of the spectacular SA short holidays you could have; by itself, or as part of our weekend getaways to relax you. Take a look at the holiday packages with Marion Bay accommodation included.

Linen Hire

Linen Hire – for your convenience

At Marion Bay Holiday Villas, we wish to make your stay as enjoyable, and comfortable as possible.

We encourage guests  to bring their own sheets, (we have queen and single sized beds) pillows, and towels  with you for your stay at the Villas, however should you require bed sheets, and towels  we are are able to arrange linen hire ( $15.00 per bed) including towels

Please let us know when you book your Marion Bay accommodation with us that you would like to use our linen hire service.

As always we are here for you, so if there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know.


Brett and Staff

Innes National Park

Innes National Park Accommodation

Innes National Park Accommodation at Marion Bay Holiday Villas

People looking at Innes National Park accommodation choose to stay at near by Marion Bay Holiday Villas which is situated close to the parks entrance. Directions to Marion Bay can be found on our website.

At Innes National Park you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, marval at the rugged coastlines sculpted by the Southern Ocean and explore remnants of South Australia’s mining and maritime history. There are salt lakes further inland, amongst the mallee woodlands.

The park comprises 9,232 ha of coastal vegetation, representing one of a very few remaining areas of significant vegetation on the Yorke Peninsula.

Diversity of habitats, heritage and coastal scenery, Innes National Park provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities such as fishing, camping, bush walking, bird watching, photography, and for the more adventurous; surfing.

Innes National Park is open for SA short holidays and weekend getaways 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with entry into the park costing just $8.50 per car for a day pass (as at January 2011).

Innes National Park has many walking trails that cater to people with different interests and level of fitness. Providing some of the best coastal views South Australia has to offer; we recommend taking the ‘Stenhouse Bay Lookout Walk’, but for those after a shorter walk, enjoy seeing the Cape Spencer Lighthouse, and stand at the tip of Yorke Peninsula South Australia and see Kangaroo Island.

During the winter months the cliff tops at Stenhouse Bay and Cape Spencer provide the ideal location to see Southern Right Whales, so if having ‘front row seats’ to this rare site interests you, make sure you book ahead for Innes National Park accommodation with Marion bay Holiday Villas.

Over 140 species of birds, many of conservation significance, can be found within Innes National Park, so keep a look out for the rare Osprey and Malleefowl.

Around 333 native plants have been recorded in the park, 115 of which are of conservation significance, making up a diverse range of vegetation associations and wildlife habitats. Innes National Park turns into a brilliant display of colour during the winter and spring when the wildflowers and shrubs come into bloom, as does the whole region of Marion Bay.

Within Innes National Park there is a beach for everyone, but please take care when surfing or fishing as there are many potential risks including submerged objects, unstable cliffs, strong currents, slippery rocks and changing conditions. Nick your host for Innes National Park accommodation at Marion Bay Holiday Villas can help with his local knowledge.

A wide variety of fish species can be caught off beaches in the park or from the Stenhouse Bay Jetty, where you can expect to catch Squid, Mullet, Tommy Ruffs, Garfish, Sweep, Mulloway and Whiting throughout the year, while Browns Beach is one of South Australia’s best salmon fishing areas.

Cape Spencer LighthouseOver 40 shipwrecks lay off the coast of Innes National Park and the Yorke Peninsula South Australia. A maritime trail along the coast of the park tells the story of where and how the ships sank, the most famous wreck within Innes National Park is ‘The Ethel’, which came aground in 1904 when it was driven ashore during a large storm off the coast.
Visit the remains of the ship on Ethel Beach.


There are three lighthouses within the park at Cape Spencer, West Cape and Peter Island, with the Cape Spencer and West Cape lighthouses accessible via easy going walking trails.

The park is one of only a few places in the world where living stromatolites are known to exist. Stromatolites consist of layers of blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria). New layers develop on top, closest to the light, trapping whatever silt may be present. Old layers underneath are impregnated with calcium carbonate and become fossilised. In Innes National Park you can see the dome-shaped structures occurring around the edges of the salt lakes. Carbon dating has indicated that some of the stromatolites are about 3,000 years old.

Book your Innes National Park accommodation holiday packages with Marion Bay Holiday Villas.

Villas For Sale

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our little family, your timing couldn’t be better. Recently the Yorke Peninsula Tourist Guide went global, with a push by the South Australian Tourism Commission throughout Asia and Europe in both paper and digital formats; Marion Bay’s tourist income is set to explode. Overseas visitors are starting to discover this beautiful area and we are primed to capitalise. Combined with our management team that are dedicated to bringing a resort standard to the property, we are expecting exciting times in the future.


Each Villa produces about $18,000 gross income per year, a figure we expect to grow. This number is from the latest taxation figures submitted over the last 2 financial years and will be confirmed by our accountant.

Please note, our accountant will also itemise the expenses you can expect to pay from this gross income when you meet him face to face. This presentation is for general discussion purposes only.


Our income is produced via several different sources. We are listed with all the major booking sites, including Stayz, Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia, plus a few lesser known sites. All are professionally managed via the Beds24 channel management software, with excellent results since installation.

We have also been proudly associated with Sunseeker Holidays for several years, who have 3 call centres located in Newcastle, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We also run Travel Auction promotions annually.

We have an ever-extending list of regulars who come down every year, often staying for up to a week across several villas.

Repeat visits from guests who stay with us one, two or even three times have been steadily on the rise; a result of our advertising with the Yorke Peninsula Tourist Guide and targeted social media campaigns, as well as our increased online presence through geo-tagging in google combined with other tools.

Our word of mouth references has been excellent and we often re-book within a few days of someone’s first stay with us.

Overall, these sources have combined to produce very high occupancy rates compared to others within the town.


Holiday home and shack sale prices in this area have all been well over $200,000; even the vacant blocks of land have sold recently for more than $110,000. Ten minutes of your time searching online will confirm these figures.

You should expect good capital growth, as investment opportunities of this nature are very limited in Marion Bay and there is an immediate growth factor from your share of the common areas value under the body corporate structure.

There is a finite amount of property available and developments such as ours are “like hen’s teeth”. We are one of only two properties of type within Marion Bay, with no current prospect of future development.

We do not guarantee your rate of return but based on projections, 5.0% would seem quite realistic. Combine that nice rate of return with free holidays for life in Marion Bay, then consider the possibility of future capital growth and your decision should be easy.

There have been recent upgrades to Innes National Park, with 250,000 visitors per year expected in the foreseeable future. State and federal governments have been spending millions on infrastructure in the region, we were amongst the first to be NBN ready. New boat launching facilities are also on the local agenda which will bring more boaties to the town, increasing our revenue and the overall property values throughout the town.

Contact our on-site manager Shane on 0408 324 768 for further information or email us at reception@marionbayholidayvillas.com.au